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Passionate, Progressive, Connected

Mangawhai Education Trust is establishing a progressive and future-focused independent secondary school in Mangawhai.

Nau mai, Haere mai.

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Mangawhai Education Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that is opening Mangawhai Hills College, a secondary school for Year 7-13 students in Mangawhai in February 2025.  We invite you to contact us with a no-obligation expression of interest so that we can keep you up to date with our progress.

Mangawhai Hills College at a glance... 

Future-focused, with high expectations and standards of excellence

Diverse and inclusive learning environment

Internationally recognised curriculum and assessment

Community-based learning opportunities and connection

Commitment to sustainable development and practices,

​and charitable regard for others

Adaptive and responsive teaching to meet all our student needs

Our Vision

Founded on the core values of integrity, cooperation and respect, students of our school will be innovative learners who strive for personal excellence.  Our learning culture will be based on a student-centred inquiry framework, where students will be motivated to pursue interests that are both engaging and relevant to their future aspirations, inspiring a life-long love of learning well beyond the school gates.

Creating and sustaining a connection with our whānau, community and local environment will be at the heart of what we do.  Community-based learning opportunities will provide enriching ‘real-life’ connections to academic learning, and strengthen students' understanding and appreciation of diverse ways of thinking, learning and being.   Supported by highly skilled and passionate staff, students will be engaged in a vibrant and inclusive teaching environment where learning will be relevant, rewarding and fun.   ​


Graduates of our school will be confident and mature critical thinkers, who are well educated, responsible global citizens.  Students will have developed a sense of connection with Mangawhai and appreciate the value of service to the community.  They will be competent communicators who are self-reliant and resilient, and intentional about their actions in order to maintain balance for a sustainable future.

Why Independent?

We want to see our young people connected to and educated in Mangawhai.  Whilst there is an ever increasing demand for a high school in Mangawhai, the Ministry of Education has made it clear that there are no plans for this in the foreseeable future, so setting up an independent school is our only option at this time.  As a not-for-profit organisation, all funds will be put back into the school to provide education to the highest possible standard.  We cannot currently confirm exact costs, however, we expect tuition fees to be 16,000 p.a*. 

*This is indicative only, subject to confirmation.


To set up the school and for ongoing operation, we will need support from the community through donors, capital grants and student fees.  The school cannot proceed without this support.  If you are able to assist in any way, please get in touch.  Funds from donations will also go towards future tuition scholarships and support with related school costs.


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